The Live Capture app now gives you the ability to choose between two types of capture methods: On-page widget or Influencer Matching.

We highly recommend you utilize this powerful Influencer Matching tool since it allows you to passively identify influencers in your e-commerce customer database. Brands can typically engage these influential customers simply for product giveaways or at a fraction of the cost of influencers who aren't already familiar with your brand. But how does it work?

When a new customer makes a purchase on your store or subscribes to your newsletter, our system will automatically analyze their customer profile against social media to check if this customer is potentially influential. If this is the case, this new influencer is automatically added to your IRM, along with details about their social reach, engagement, and purchase history. This feature provides a hands-off method of finding new influencers in your existing customer base and allows you to quickly engage them to work with your brand through the Upfluence platform.

1️⃣ How do I set up a new Influencer Matching Capture?

First of all, it is necessary to connect your Shopify store our your Klaviyo account to Upfluence. If you haven't already connected your Shopify store or Klaviyo account to Upfluence, we invite you to follow these tutorials:

  1. First, open the Live Capture app and click Create a new campaign.

2. Choose a name for your capture campaign, this will allow you to easily identify the influencers captured in your IRM as they will be tagged with this campaign name. Next, choose "Influencer Matching" as the capture type. When this is done, you can scroll down.

3. Now you can choose your Influencer Matching provider. When you have done so, you can go to the next step.

⚠️ Please note, if you select Klaviyo, Upfluence is about to analyze all users already present within the capture source selected to identify influencers. This means that the size of your influencer network could increase significantly.

4. You now need to choose the store you would like to analyze the customers of. Since I selected Shopify in the previous step, the platform suggests Shopify stores connected to Upfluence. Choose the store you want to analyze in order to identify influential customers.

5. That's it! When everything is properly configured, we display a message that specifies that we are ready to analyze your selected e-commerce store. All you have to do is click on "Save" to start the matching process. Now Upfluence will start matching every customer against our influencer database and the captured influencers will be automatically added to your IRM.

2️⃣ Where Do I find the captured influencers?

Captured influencers are automatically added to your personal influencer network. You can find these influencers in your IRM by adding the column linked to the Live Capture Campaigns.

1. To do this, open your IRM and go and open the box related to field management. Then open the "Entities" section and select "Live Capture Campaigns".

2. When this is done, you have the ability to filter your IRM by campaign to show only the influencers that have been captured with the campaigns you have created.

To do this, you simply need to filter your IRM by the Live Capture campaign you want to view results for, and then only the influencers captured in that campaign will be displayed.

3. If you have a connected Shopify Store, you will be able to access even more powerful data points about these new influencers by adding additional columns to your IRM view. You can add important social reach and purchase history metrics to very easily identify the type of customer the influencer and how they have interacted with e-commerce store thanks to the following information:

  • Number Of Orders

  • Total Generated Sales Value

  • Date Of First Purchase

  • Date Of Last Purchase

To add these columns, as usual, you need to open the "Manage fields" tab and then click on the "Customer profile" section to add the columns related to these e-commerce insights.

You will then be able to see all the information directly in your IRM table. All these columns can be filtered to allow you to refine the displayed results however you want.

That's it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact your account manager 👋🏻

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