After you click on " show influencers", you are direct to a page with a list of influencers that match your search criteria. You next want to go through their data and build a list of influencers you want to work with.

  • Use the results page

On this overall page, you can get a quick glimpse of key information about influencers(where they are located, how many followers they have, what their engagement rate is, their Instagram bio if they have one, a few recent posts, etc...).

◼︎ On the left of this page, you have a summary of the main features of influencers:

  • Social media Name.

  • Location

  • Their responses time

  • Instagram Bio

  • Mais social media with the number of followers and the engagement rate

🔍 Tips: Looking at influencers' Instagram bio can help you to know what type of influencers they are and if they are matching your brand

◼︎ On the right of the results page, you have information about influencers and their audience:

  • The last 2 or 3 posts made on their social media

  • The Real percentage: the percentage of real users within influencers' engaged audience

  • A quick overview of the audience demographic.

🔍 Tips: It is better to select influencers with a real percentage of over 90% to ensure that influencers did not buy likes or comments.

  • Learn more about an influencer with the side panel

To learn more about one influencer's performance and audience or interact with him/her you can open the influencer side panel. On the side panel, you can also gather all the information you have on them.

[video-to-gif output image]

◼︎ Channels:

In this section, you can see the full demographics of their engaged audience as well as key information about the influencer.

  • Suggested Price: The price we recommend based on the avg. engagement rate and amount of followers they have.

  • CPE: Cost per engagement

  • Avg. Likes: Average likes per post

  • Avg Comments: Average amount of comments per post

  • Saturation Rate: How often they mention different brands. For example, a 30% saturation rate means 3 out of 10 posts are brand-related. (You normally want to have a low saturation rate so that your brand wouldn’t be lost in the feed.)

  • Post Effectiveness: How effective their sponsored posts are compared to a normal un-sponsored post in terms of engagement rate.

Learn more about Upfluence metrics and definitions

  • Instagram Activities :

When you scroll down you have more information about influencers' activities.

  • Compared to Similar Influencers: The influencer compared to other influencers that have a similar amount of followers.

  • Post per Day: Which days they posted in the past 6 months.

  • Avg Engagements vs Community: Engagement fluctuations in the past six months versus average community.

  • Average Engagements by Publication Time: Engagement data for the time of the day and week. (This is a great tool to use in determining when to tell influencers to post).

*Make sure to convert the UTC time zone to the influencer’s time zone.

👉 Notes: You have similar metrics available for other social media platforms.

◼︎ Email section:

You can send an email to this influencer directly from this panel and check the emails conversation you have with this influencer.

◼︎ Notes:

Leave a note about this influencer and share it with your team.

How to share my notes with my team?

◼︎ Influencer section:

Here you can add all the information you have about one influencer (First name, last name, address, etc.. ). You also add tags, rate your influencers, and create new merge fields.

Learn more on how to create merge fields and how to use merge fields to personalize emails.

  • Add influencers to your list:

You can easily add influencers to your list, you just need to click on the checkmark on influncers profiles pic. You can also reject profiles to not see the same profile over and over when you make your search.

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🔍 Tips: You can move an influencer to a different tool, or email them directly or add detailed information by clicking on these three icons :

◼︎ Check your profile in your list:

On the top of your page, you can check how many influencers are selected in your list, and you see profiles you selected by clicking on the checkmark ✔️ on the top.

👀 If you want to save time and discover a new profile click on the cloud icon on the top. You will see profiles recommend to you according to your selection.

You can learn more about influencer recommendations here.

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