You are about to launch a new campaign and you want to collect the stories of the influencers involved in your campaign?

Let's see together how it works!

How can I invite influencers to collect stories? 📱

Setup my stream for stories

This step is necessary if you have never created a stream before. We invite you to read it carefully to understand how it works with stories. You can go to the next step directly if you want.

First of all, start by creating a new stream to collect the content related to your campaign (publications, stories, etc.).

Click on "Selection". This will open the Influencer Import window.

Select the list/campaign/mailing in which the influencers you want to invite are listed. When it is done, click on "Select" to confirm your choice.

Moving on to the next part, in the "Filters" section, select "Stories" as the post type and add the keywords related to the stories you want to track.

For example:

  • The hashtag linked to my campaign is #Running, I will add #Running in the "Value" field.
  • My brand handle is @mybrand, I'll add @mybrand in the "Value" field.

Once this is done, you can save your stream. You will be redirected to the homepage of the stream you just created.

Invite influencers

The second step is to invite the influencers for whom you want to collect stories. Indeed, only influencers who have agreed to connect their account to Upfluence allow you to collect their stories.

⚠️ So you can't get stories from an influencer who hasn't logged in his account in Upfluence.

To invite influencers, open the settings of the stream for which you want to invite influencers. When this is done, in the "General Information" section click on the selection of influencers present in your stream.

You can now see the list of influencers present in your stream.

For each influencer, you have the possibility to click on the "Invite" button if the influencer has an Instagram account referenced in our system.

Tips: Before clicking on the invitation button, we strongly recommend that you notify the influencer by email. An influencer who does not know you has very little reason to accept your invitation.

When you click on this button, we send an automatic email proposing to the influencer to connect his account to Upfluence as part of your collaboration and quoting your brand name.

If the influencer accepts, the connection status is updated and you will be able to see "Stories Access" instead of the invitation button.

You can now collect the stories of the influencers who accepted your invitation!

Another way to invite influencer and see the Stories status

We have made another system to invite influencers or to know the access status to the Stories. To do this, open the sidepanel wherever you are in the software. An Upfluence icon is present on the profile picture of the influencer, click on it.

This will open a menu that allows you:

  • Invite influencers like in the stream
  • Send the follow-up email if the influencer has not accepted your invitation
  • Know the connection status
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