If you are a Stream user, it may have happened that the influencers you collaborated with did not use the required #hashtags and their content does not appear in your Stream.

For this type of scenario, we have set up a post-import system allowing you to add the missing content in your stream, you are saved! ✅

How to import missing content?

Open the stream into which you want to import posts. Just above the posts collected in your stream, click on the button "+ Add Post", this will open a new window.

In the "Paste your link" field, copy/paste the URL of the post you want to import. In this example, we copied an Instagram post link. When you are done, confirm your choice by clicking on the "Add Post" button.

Congrats, your post has been imported! 🎉

A confirmation message appears at the bottom of your screen to confirm that your content has been imported.

Frequently Asked Questions

➡️ Which content can I import?

You can only import content from the following social media: Instagram (post present in influencers feeds only, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok & YouTube).

We do not accept the import of any content from blogs, Twitch, or Instagram Stories.

➡️ An error message is displayed, what can I do?

This means that the content you want to import is not available. The reasons may be the following:

  • The content is private

  • The media/content URL is not the right one.

  • The influencer is not in our database. You can add it via the Chrome Plugin

  • The link is not supported by our system. We can't import posts from blogs, Instagram Reels not present in the influencer feed, Twitch, or Instagram Stories.

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