Our recommendation functionality allows Upfluence to automatically identify and recommend influencers similar to those in any new or existing list that has been updated within the last 7 days. This article will share all the details of how this feature works!

Influencer Recommendations : A step-by-step guide

1️⃣ Create a new list

First, you simply need to create a new list and add the influencers you want. As usual, you can use the following 4 methods to add influencers to your list:

  • Search

  • Import

  • Chrome Plugin

  • Move influencers from another part of the platform (workflow, stream, mailing, IRM) to your list

⚠️ For our recommendation algorithm to run, you must have at least 5 influencers in your list.

2️⃣ Discover your recommendations

Once your list is filled with influencers (at least 5), our recommendation system will analyze their profiles and recommend similar influencers to those in your list. Gathering recommendations can take up to one hour.

To access the results of the recommendation, open the list of your choice. A recommendation tab is available to the right of the tab dedicated to approved influencers in your list. Click on it to access your new recommendations!

The recommendation tab functions in the same way as the search results. Select the influencers you want to add to your list by clicking the ✔️, or reject the influencers you no longer want to see in the recommendation tab by clicking the .

Once you go through the system's influencer recommendations, the Upfluence platform will automatically start analyzing and proposing new influencers again for you. It will continue to identify profiles similar to those selected in your list and you will receive a notification in the platform to inform you when new recommendations are available.

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