1. Create your API Key

API Keys are used to authenticate third-party apps and integrations. Here is where you can find them.

In the right corner of your page, click on the name of your account and click on the "Account" tab. You will be redirected to your Klaviyo account settings.

Then, click on "Settings" and select API Keys. This will open the API Keys management page of your account.

You are now on the API Keys management page. This step consists in creating a new key to connect your Klaviyo account to Upfluence. In order to create your API key, click on the "Create API Key" button.

A new key will be automatically generated. You can associate a label to the new key if you want to make it easier to identify it.

You have created your API key. The second step is to connect your Klaviyo account to Upfluence. To do so, keep your Klaviyo API Keys page open.

2. Add Klaviyo to Upfluence

From your Upfluence Account, click on Account Settings > Integrations

Scroll down and find the section dedicated to "Marketing". Then click on the "Connect" button on the Klaviyo card.

A connection window will appear. To integrate Klaviyo into Upfluence, you will need your API Key that was generated in the previous step.

Add a name to identify your Klaviyo account (you can choose any name - we suggest using "Upfluence" for easy identification) and add your API Key in the field provided. When it's done, validate your connection by clicking on "Connect".

Your Klaviyo account is now connected to Upfluence 🤙🏻

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