This feature has been requested a lot, we have recently released new functionality to rate the Influencers profiles you have worked with.

How does it work?

The new rating functionality is available in your Influencer Relationship Management tool (IRM), as well as on influencers' profiles in the "Influencer" section.

1. Influencer Relationship Management

To add the dedicated column for influencers ratings in your IRM, please, click on "Manage Fields" to add a new column, then click on the "Influencer" section and you will find the "Rating" column.

Then, you can simply add the rating you want to the influencers. The whole column can be edited line-by-line, so you can manage all your ratings directly from your IRM without switching pages.

You can also filter the ratings if you want, for example, to order them in ascending/descending order or display only the influencers with a rating on their profiles.

2. Influencer Profiles

Adding ratings from the Influencer Profile is also simple. By clicking on an influencer's profile, you can open the side panel. There, you can select the "Influencer" tab.
On that tab, you can find the "Rating" section, and add the rating you want.


Do my colleagues see the ratings assigned to an influencer?
Yes, the ratings are shared with the members of the same team as you.

Does the influencer know the rating I give him/her?
No, only the members of your team can see the rating assigned to the influencer.

If I set a score of 5 and then my colleague sets a score of 1, which score will be taken into account?

The last score added to the influencer profile is taken into account only. If the last rating added is 1, the influencer will get a rating of 1.

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