Upfluence allows you to integrate your email service providers with Upfluence Software in order to seamlessly reach out and communicate with your influencers.

Are you using a Microsoft address? Please follow these instructions:

How to connect my Microsoft account to Upfluence?

First of all, it's necessary to whitelist our App in your G-Suite administrator account. You can follow the following instructions in order to whitelist our App:
Gmail Integration: How to whitelist Upfluence App

If you're already done with this step, you can move on adding your Gmail accounts to Upfluence.

Note: You can connect an unlimited number of desired email accounts with Upfluence. This integration will allow you to send and receive influencer communications within Upfluence using your company/business’ email address.

Add Gmail to Upfluence

From your Upfluence Account, click on Account Settings < Integrations 

Scroll down and find the section dedicated to emails. Then click on the "Connect" button on the Gmail Account card.

A Google authentication window will appear. Select the email address you wish to connect to and validate your choice. 

In the second step, google authentication asks you to authorize the connection between Upfluence and your Gmail account. Click "Authorize".

Note : Upfluence does not store your emails and we respect all the rules related to the GDPR. All your conversations are linked to your account only.

Your Gmail account is now connected to Upfluence 🤙🏻

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