1. Finding your API Keys

API Keys are used to authenticate third party apps and integrations, as well as if you're using our API to connect to Refersion. Here is where you can find them.

From your Refersion account, click on Account > Settings

Scroll down and click on Refersion API

If you an API key is not already listed, click on Generate New Key.

Voilà. You've just generated your Public & Secret API Keys. If you want to see your secret key, click on "Show".
Please, keep this page open, you will need to copy and paste your keys into Upfluence during the next step.

2. Add Refersion to Upfluence

From your Upfluence Account, click on Account Settings < Integrations 

Scroll down and find the section dedicated to affiliations. Then click on the "Connect" button on the Refersion card.

A connection modal will appear. To integrate Refersion into Upfluence, you will need your Private and Secret Key that was generated in the previous step. Add your keys in the fields provided. When it's done, validate your connection by clicking on "Plug Refersion".

Your Refersion account is now connected to Upfluence 🤙🏻. You can add your affiliate links via our emailing tool.

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