You can easily send custom emails to influencers at a scale using the mailing tool. In just a few steps you can create and run your mailings.

  1. Create your mailing.

  2. Edit your email template

  3. Run your mailing

  4. Communications with Influencers

What's new!

1️⃣ Let's start by creating a new Mailing

Creating a mailing can be done either from the "Move to" button or through the Emailing interface directly.

  • Using the mailings dropdown in the Upfluence Inbox:

Click on the mailing list drop-down, then on New mailing.

👀 If it's your first time using the mailing tool, you will see the template editing page.

  • Using the "Move to" window:

A mailing can be also created and named directly from the "Move to" window. You can find it on most of Upfluence's pages.

Simply write your mailing name and use the dropdown to see what options are available. Make sure to select the "Mailing" option.

[video-to-gif output image]

2️⃣ Now let's create your email template!

If you created your mailing using the "move to" window, go to your Upfluence inbox to edit your email template.

On the Template creation page there are different fields:

  1. Mailing Name: Necessary to save and identify the mailing.

  2. Email Sender: Select which email address you want to send this mailing from.

  3. Email creation toolbox: Contains the Subject, Body, and Attachments for a mailing

  4. Merge fields: Click on it to custom and personalize interactions with influencers at scale.

  5. Fallback value: Add values to replace missing merge fields automatically.

  6. Preview mode:preview the content of your emails before sending them.

  7. Merge fields live edition: edit and add merge fields directly on influencer profiles from the preview mode.

  8. Sample email: Send to yourself a sample email to check your email format before sending it.

Mailing name

Simply pick a name for your mailing. Make sure it is unique and that it is specific enough to help identify this mailing in the future. You can always change it later.

Email Sender

Use this to select which email a mailing will be sent from. The email sender cannot be changed after an email has been sent, if you wish to use your Gmail or Outlook make sure to connect these apps to Upfluence before you send your campaign.

All test emails will still be sent through the Upfluence email sender, even if you have selected another option.

Template Creation Toolbox

A toolbox that allows you to customize an email's content (Subject, Body, and Attachments). An HTML code view is accessible for advanced users using the "</>" icon.

👉 You can use your Upfluence email template or your previous emails as a base for your new mailing. There is no need to save a specific mailing, any email sent becomes a template and can be used in the future.

Selecting a new template erases the current content and replaces it with the content of the template.

Merge Fields

Merge fields are dynamic fields that will change in every email depending on the information attached to influencers' profiles. (Name, location, name of social media handle, etc...). You can use pre-set merge fields or create your own merge fields.

To insert a merge field either use the merge field "box", or type "{{" in the email body. This will open up a list of available merge fields you can insert in the body of your email.

Fallback Value

All the merge fields are not available for influencers, but you can define fallback values for each merge field. A fallback value is used to replace a merge field when it is not available on the influencer's profile.

  • For example, you add the merge field "dog_name" in your email content, if the influencer doesn't have this variable, we will automatically replace it with the fallback value that will be defined (ie. "your dog").

Use Merge Fields to add a personal touch to your outreach. This will help with influencer conversion and response rates!

👉 Notes: Using a merge field means this field has to be available for all the influencers currently in your mailing. Upfluence will not send an email to an influencer if a merge field is missing.

For example, out of 100 influencers, if 99 have a custom merge field "Christmas Gift" defined, but 1 has this merge field missing, only 99 influencers will receive your emailing.

Preview Mode

You can preview the content of your emails before sending them. It's a good way to make sure that all your merge fields have a value and on which influencer profiles you are missing a value.

To activate this preview mode, click on the toggle and it will activate the preview mode.

When you are in preview mode, the system will automatically replace the merge fields present in the content of your email with the variables available on the influencer profiles.

This allows you to quickly identify missing merge fields and anticipate potential errors. There are 3 color codes:

  • 📗 Green: When the merge field is available

  • 📙 Orange: when the merge field is not available but a fallback value is present

  • 📕 Red: merge field not available and no fallback value

In addition to that, you can easily choose which influencer to preview using the dropdown menu. This makes it easy which profile there are merge fields missing. We also display a cookie next to the influencer name to identify the offending profiles.

Merge fields live edition

You can edit and add influencer merge fields directly from the preview mode. This means that if a merge field is missing, we will add it to the influencer's profile with the value chosen.

[video-to-gif output image]

Before sending your emails, let's make sure you save and test your template!

Sample email

To send yourself a sample email you can either do it while you are editing your email (we will use dummy data ) or in the preview mode ( merge fields will be changed for data depending on the influencer selected).

3️⃣ Run your mailing!

Upfluence's mailing tool is designed as an active mailbox. A mailing has a status of either "running" or "paused".

Clicking on the "Run mailing" button will launch the emailing and send the pre-set email to all influencers currently present in the mailing list.

If a Mailing is running, any influencer moved into the mailing will be sent automatically an email.

If the mailing is paused, no action will be taken until the Run Mailing button is clicked again and the mailing's status is changed to "running".

Once the campaign is running, it can be paused at any time by clicking on the "Pause Mailing" button. This will stop any further action from taking place. Scheduled emails will not be sent.

  • Reviewing Delivery

Once running, a mailing will schedule your emails for delivery. To optimize deliverability, Upfluence schedules a maximum of 1 email per minute. Systems like Outlook and Gmail also have email limit restrictions that can apply.

An influencer's status can change as they take different actions with regards to the mailing. They are move from "Scheduled" all the way to "Replied" to help you easily track these communications. Selecting the little star icon highlighted in red below will move that email thread to an "Engaged" status.

4️⃣ Communications with Influencers

Influencers will receive emails either from Upfluence's SMTP server or from your Outlook or Gmail (if you have the integration active) depending on the option you picked.

In both cases, all communications are stored inside Upfluence and are accessible on influencers' profiles. A reply can be sent either directly from this tab or from your usual email client.

  • Send a follow-up email or move influencers to a different tool.

Mailing statuses are filterable. A simple click on the number will filter out influencers who are not currently exclusively at this stage. This also means that there can be fewer influencers visible than the number displayed since they have been moved to another stage.

Once this is done, influencers that are in the stage can be exported to a list, a campaign, or anywhere else on Upfluence using the "export" button.

👉 Notes: You can also use it to send a follow-up email. You just need to create a new mailing using the "move to" window, as shown in the first step.

That should be everything you need to know about Upfluence's Mailing features!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via the support chatbox. 😊

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