1. Set your campaign information (for internal use)

First, define your campaign name. Then, set your keywords (to find a specific campaign among many), the number of expected publications and your campaign logo.

In your emailing, you will be able to send the brief using : {{application_link}}

All these information are for internal use and can be modify at anytime in your campaign's setting.

       2. Create your campaign brief

This is a document that you will be able to sent directly to the influencers before they apply to your campaign.
It should contain information about:

  • Your brand, your product and/or service
  • Your content specifications (on which social media channel, what type of content, length...) 
  • All the requirements (hashtags, specific mentions, tracking links...)
  • The timeline and due dates (drafting, publication...)

In your emailing, you will be able to send the drafting link using : {{composition_link}}

You can modify the substance and form of your influencer brief at anytime in your campaign's settings.

       3. Modify the publication instructions

The publication instruction is a template document that you can send to the influencers to guide them through the publication process.

It contains: 

  • The tracking script of your campaign to monitor the views on the sponsored content (you can send it to bloggers to know the number of reads they generated on their article)
  • The tracking links (when creating a draft, all links will be transformed into tracking links to monitor the number of clicks)
  • The draft you validated (if the influencer has provided you a draft, he will be able to access the approved version direction on the publication instructions)

In your emailing, you will be able to send the publication instructions : {{publication_link}}

You can modify the publication instructions at anytime in your campaign's settings.

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