You can identify brand ambassadors and influencers in no time from our database of over 4 million social profiles with the search tool.

The search tool is divided into 5 parts:

  1. Keywords

  2. Influencers' criteria

  3. Audience's criteria

  4. The Side Panel

  5. Save your search

1️⃣ Keywords

When you begin your search using Upfluence, the first thing you want to do is start with the keywords. Keywords are words, hashtags or mentions, etc... that you want to appear in your ideal influencer’s content. They could also be words that you probably don’t want your influencers to be using.

For instance: a keyword for a coffee enthusiast influencer maybe “coffee”, “latte”... etc. You typically want around 6 to 12 keywords so you have a good range of influencers.

  • Select a type: “Should, Must, Must Not”.

"Should": can be read as "or". It means that the keyword can be a mention or not if you use more than one keyword.

Must”: is useful when you want a keyword to definitely mentioned influencers.

Must Not”: This is really helpful when you don't want your influencer to mention a specific keyword. It can be also used already be working with a specific brand or mentioning a specific word.

For example, if you don’t want your influencer to already be collaborating with “Starbucks.” You can input, “Starbucks,” then change the type to “must not” and then adjust the field so that the keyword doesn’t appear in any of these fields (specific social media content or bio’s).

  • Input a “Weight”:

Depending on how important a keyword is compared to the rest of the keywords you can put a weight higher or lower. There is no defined scale you add the weight you want.

If you put a weight of “5” for coffee, influencers using the keyword, “coffee” will appear at the top of your search results 5 times more often compared to the rest of the keywords.

2️⃣ Influencers' criteria

This part is devoted to the features of the influencers and their social networks.

1. You can select a specific social media channel where you want to find your influencers.

🔎 Tips: If you want to find influencers on different social media platforms, run the search separately. This is because when you highlight different channels, it’ll only pull up influencers that meet both criteria.

For example, if you highlight both Instagram and Youtube, you might be missing influencers who are really great on Instagram but they don’t have a Youtube channel, or their Youtube channel doesn’t have enough subscribers to meet the requirement.

2. You can refine your criteria on the different social media platforms.

  • Community: How many followers the influencer should have

  • Engagement: How engaged the community is to the influencer

  • Was active: The last time the influencer was active.

3. You can refine your criteria on the influencers themselves.

  • Language: The language the Influencer’s content is in.

  • Has an email: Influencers who have an email (highly recommended to select this option so you can contact the influencer through the Upfluence software).

  • Has a blog: Influencers who have blogs.

  • Country: The country the influencer is based in.

  • Added: When the influencer last added to their feed.

  • Geolocation: Where the influencer is currently located based on their recent locations. (This is great if you want to host events or pop-up shops and want to invite the influencer).

  • Radius: The distance from the geolocation.

  • Gender: The gender of influencers.

  • Age Bracket: The age range of influencers.

  • List to exclude: Exclude an existing list from your search results. (This is great if you’re already working on an existing campaign and don’t want to contact the same influencers).

List to include: Search within an existing list.

3️⃣ Audience's criteria

Audience is the type of audience you want your influencers to have. These criteria are based on Instagram community data.

You can add gender, age, and living country criteria.

4️⃣ The Side Panel

This side panel on the right provides the overall description of all the influencers we currently have in the database, as well as their audience. It updates as you refine your search.

  • Social Reach: The sum of all the communities of each social network of all the influencers in our database.

  • Power Middle: The number of influencers with a small community of up to 50k followers and a total annual visit between 100k and 250k in our database.

  • Top 20% and Top 5%: Number of bigger influencers to celebrities in the Top 5% in our database.

  • Country: The distribution of these influencers by country.

  • Language: The distribution of these influencers by their speaking language.

  • Audience Age and Audience Gender: The distribution of the influencers' audience by their gender and their age.

5️⃣ Save your search

You can save your search in order to reuse it later in another list. To do that, you have to click on the star, name your search and save it.

[video-to-gif output image]

You will be able to find it by clicking on the arrow and select this specific search.

[video-to-gif output image]

You are ready to find influencers for your campaigns with the search function! 🎉

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