On Workflow, you can generate tracking links and tracking scripts for each influencer for your campaigns. This will allow you to monitor the clicks and views (for blogs only) per influencer in the Performance tab.

Tracking links will be automatically changed for each influencer in your publication instructions.

If you are a Shopify user, you can create and send affiliate links in addition to the tracking link.

🔍 A tracking link is different from an affiliate link. Tracking links are used to count the number of visitors/clicks generated by one influencer. Affiliate links are often linked to a discount offer and it is used to track the number of sales generated by one influencer.

How to generate a tracking link:

You have different ways to create tracking links, you can do it from your campaign settings or dashboard:

  • From your campaign settings:

When you create your campaign, you can include a tracked link in the first step of your campaign creation. If you didn't set it during this step you still have the possibility to do it in your campaign settings.

  1. Go to your Campaign "settings"

  2. Enable Tracked Links

  3. Add your links

[video-to-gif output image]
  • From your campaign dashboard:

For multiple influencer influencers using the link icon:

  1. Select influencers you want to add your tracking link

  2. Click on Click on "🔗 " (Add tracking links)

  3. Input the URL to track (don't forget the http:// otherwise the links won't be generated)

  4. Click on "create links"

  5. Check on influencers' profiles if the link has been generated properly.

[video-to-gif output image]

For each influencer individually, click on their profile then add links:

  1. Open your influencer profile

  2. Input the URL you want to track (don't forget the http:// otherwise the links won't be generated).

  3. Click on add "tracking link"

[video-to-gif output image]

Where will be my tracking link in the publication instructions:

In the publication instructions, in the last paragraph from the template, <%= link.source_url %> will become the URL you input and <%= link.tracking_url %> will become a unique link for each influencer.

How to check the total clicks and view:

You can then check to see the total clicks and views (for blog only) per link in the Performance tab in Workflow.

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