This email is sent to the influencer asking them to submit the billing information required for them to receive payment for the campaign. A link to the « Payment » page is included in this email.

After clicking on the "confirmation" button, you will have to click on the green “Request Invoice” action button to send the influencer the last email: “Payment Email”.

👉 Notes: A New Receipt email, as well as a Payment Request, will be sent to the email settings in your compensation settings. (you can find more information here)

Influencers will be asked to complete a form and provide certain documentation. Here's all the information influencers will have to provide:

  • Billing information: name, address, phone number, etc...

  • Invoice: Invoice Creation Guide

  • IRS W8 (if you don't need it ask influencers to upload twice the same invoice)

  • Payment method information

The page payment page will look like this:

Other Workflow Email Instructions:

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