The “inviting” email is the first email generated automatically within the Workflow function. This email is used to invite the influencer to join your campaign. This email includes a link, {{application_link}}, to the influencer’s personalized campaign invitation page. This invitation page is where influencers can accept your offered price, give a counter offer, choose products for compensation, or decline. Your Campaign Brief will also be included in this link.

Edit your templates

To edit existing templates or create your own ones, go to Settings then Email Templates. If you'd like, you can add merge fields {{ }} (eg. {{influencer_name}} ) to further personalize your emails with the influencer's information.

In the existing templates, you just need to update the information within the brackets (eg. [YourBrandName] ).

⚠️ Make sure to not delete the merge field {{application_link}}. This merge field will become the link to the Influencer's personalized campaign invitation page.

When you finish editing your email you can save your template and go back to your Workflow to edit the next email:

You can learn more on How to Master Influencer Outreach here.

Influencer's personalized campaign invitation page

On this page will be presented with the campaign details, can accept your offer price, give a counteroffer, or decline. They can also choose which product/s they want to receive as compensation.

Other Workflow Email Instructions:

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