After setting up your campaign emails, you can invite influencers to join your campaign.

1️⃣ Add your influencers to your campaign:

  • First, import the list of influencers you selected for your campaign.

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🔍 Tips: You can also add an individual influencer from research or from your IRM by moving them to your campaign!

  • From your IRM :

  • From the search section :

2️⃣ Set your offer

  • Send an offer to an influencer:

  1. Click on the "Your offer" box for that influencer.

  2. It opens the side panel where you can put your offer.

  3. Do not forget to save your offer.

  4. Refresh your page to see your offer.

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  • Add the same offer to several influencers.

  1. Select some influencers or all of them

  2. Click on the "$" button

  3. Click on "set your offer"

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You can also generate a tracking link or create an Affiliate link for your Influencers.

3️⃣ Move your influencers through your different campaign steps:

  • Invite your influencers

Click on the Invite button to send your Invitation email.

🔍 Tips: You can also invite all the influencers in two clicks.

  1. Select all influencers

  2. Click on "invite all"

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When influencers accept or refuse your offer, their status will be updated. For product campaigns, you will also see the product the influencers choose along with their shipping address.

  • Shortlist and Approve your influencers

Once an influencer has applied, you can Shortlist him/her and then Approve him/her one by one

You can also reject an influencer by clicking on the "X". Note that influencers will not be notified if you reject them, just sent an email to let them know they didn't make it to the final list.

👉 Note: If you share your campaign list with your clients. Learn how to share your campaign with clients here.

  • Send your shipping email (optional step):

For product or payment & product campaigns, your second email is the "shipping email", to send it click on "product sent".

  • Send your draft email:

After influencers accept your offer, send your draft email so influencers can upload their publication preview to Upfluence.

When influencers upload a draft, you can see it and add comments by clicking on the purple button. When it is ok, you can accept the draft.

🔎 Tips: If you need your client to approve the draft, you need to accept it first. Learn how to share a campaign with your clients.

  • Ask to Publish and Confirm:

After you agree on a publication, notify your influencers it is time for them to publish, send them the "publication email". Click on the "Notify influencer" button to send them your Publication Instructions.

Check if your influencers publish and Confirm that the publication has been posted correctly and that it respects your conditions.

A pop-up will come up asking if this influencer is ready to be paid.

  • Payment: Pay your influencers for their job.

Send your Payment email to influencers to collect their invoice and tax documents.

This email includes a link that allows influencers to choose how they want to be paid and set up their payment information.

🔎 Tips: You can skip every step by clicking on this small triangle. Do not forget to refresh at every step.

  • Track your influencer's payments and easily find their invoice and other documents.

Go to the payment section.

  • There, you can see information about the progression of the payment of each influencer.

    • You can indicate if the influencer has been paid or not.

    • You can click on the three-points button on the right to access all payment documents (invoice, W8, W9, publication receipt).

Congratulations, you have run your campaign! 🎉 On to the next.

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