After creating your campaign, you will be taken back to the Workflow dashboard.

Before you begin to import your influencers, the next thing you will want to do is edit your campaign's email templates.

You can access your email templates by clicking on “Edit Email Templates” or go to Settings → Email templates.

These are different customizable emails you will be sent to your influencers in the Workflow.

  • Invitation Email: An email to initially invite influencers to your campaign. This email includes the link: {{application_link}} where influencers can accept your offered price, propose a counter price, or decline. Your Campaign Brief will also be included in the link. More information here.

  • Product Shipment: This email is sent to notify the influencer that the products selected as campaign compensation have been shipped. You can also add a shipment Tracking Number to this email. More information here.

  • Drafting Email: An email sent to your influencer asking for a draft of their content. This email includes the link: {{composition_link}} where influencers can upload a draft of their work. More information here.

  • Publishing Email: An email that tells your influencer that it is time to publish. This email includes the link: {{publication_link}} which will provide the influencers your Publication Instructions (if you created them previously). It is best practice to include a desired publication date, any specific keywords/hashtags/accounts to mention or tag, and which social media platform to publish on. More information here.

  • Payment Email: An email that includes the link: {{invoice_link}} to allow the influencers to submit their payment information and preferred payment method. More information here.

Once you have set up all your emails, you are ready to run your campaign! 🎉

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