Zapier enables anyone—marketing, support, legal, HR, operations, product—to connect the web apps they used to run their business, without writing any code. With Upfluence and Zapier, you can build workflows which allow you to identify organic potential influencers within any Zapier connected application. These influencers have typically already engaged with your brand in some way and therefore it will be much cheaper and easier to turn them into brand champions or affiliates.

Each workflow (called a Zap) has one app as the Trigger, where your information comes from and which causes one or more Actions in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically.

How to Set Up the Zapier Integration

Create your Zapier Account

First, you will need a Zapier Account. If you already have one, you can move on to the next step. To create a Zapier account, please follow this link:

Create a new Influencer Matching Campaign

In the Upfluence Software, you need to create a new Influencer Matching campaign in the Live Capture App.

Now, add a title to your campaign (ideally one that will help you distinguish the influencers found with it later), then select Influencer Matching as the type of Live Capture campaign. Finally, choose Zapier as the Matching Provider. Click Continue.

That's it for this step, you can now go to the next step and follow the instructions to build your Zap!

Select your Zap template

Select the zap template of your choice. You will be redirected to Zapier to continue the configuration.

If you can't find the zap template of your choice, you can check our list of templates on our Zapier integration page.

When you're done, you can go to the next step ⬇️

Connect a trigger app

You are first asked to Choose a Trigger App. This is one aspect of the process that can be confusing to new users. At the moment, Upfluence's integration only includes Actions. This means that at the beginning of the Make a Zap process, you will not be able to search for the Upfluence app.

Choose your Trigger app by either using the search bar or choosing from popular apps. In this example, we have chosen Salesforce.

Select which Trigger you'd like to use.

Upfluence identifies influencers based on their email address. Be sure to select a Trigger for which you have the user's email address. When you are done, click on "Continue", you will be asked to connect the selected app.

Your account will appear. You can test the connection by pressing Test. Assuming all goes well, select Save + Continue. Depending upon what app you choose as a Trigger, there may be selections you have to make.

Using Salesforce as an example: you would need to choose the Salesforce event you want to sync with Upfluence. After selecting, press Continue.

You'll be alerted that the connection is successful. Choose Continue.

Connect to Upfluence's Action app

Once the Trigger is set up you can create an Action with Upfluence. When you attempt to search for the new app inside the Zap Builder, be sure to search for the word Upfluence.

Select Match Influencer as the Action Event. Choose Continue.

If you're already logged into Upfluence, this will automatically sign you into your account and proceed to the next screen.

If not, a login window will appear for you to enter your Upfluence credentials and accept the Zapier connection. Choose Allow.

This is where you map the Trigger app's source fields (i.e. Salesforce) to the Action app's source fields (i.e. Upfluence). Select Email from the dropdown menus, which will match the Upfluence fields.

Then, you will need to select the Influencer Matching campaign your want to link to this Zap. This will allow you to track the identification performance of your Zap in your Live Capture dashboard.

Zapier will display the fields you mapped and create a new record in Upfluence to test the connection. Create and Continue to move forward.

If the test is successful, select Finish.

Name your Zap and turn it on!

That’s it! You’re connected and have created your first Zaps to identify influencers for your brand! The new identified influencers should appear in your IRM and you track the identification performance in your Live Capture dashboard.

Zaps templates

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