If you are a Shopify user, you can easily generate affiliate links for all the discount codes you create.

  • On the customer side: when a user clicks on an affiliate link, a discount code will automatically be added to the checkout.

  • On your side: you will be able to send these affiliate links to influencers at scale via our mailing app and also track their performance.

How to create affiliate links

  • Affiliates links will be automatically generated for the new coupon codes you create.

  • They will appear in the "Affiliate Link" column of your IRM. To add the column, click on the blue Manage Fields button on the top right of your IRM table. Then click on the field category “Discount Offer“ and add the Affiliate Link column.

  • You can then track Discount Code performance (sales quantity and value) by adding the columns “Number of Sales” and “Total Generated Sales Value” to the IRM.

How to send affiliate links

Affiliate link sending is very simple, it works exactly like discount codes.

You just have to follow these steps:

  • Create a new mailing

  • In the “discount offer source” section, select the discount offer you want to attach to the mailing. This is the discount offer for which you would like to send affiliate links to influencers.

  • Add the affiliate link to the content of your mailing using the merge field {{affiliate_link}. Save your mailing once you have finished editing your template.

[video-to-gif output image]
  • Now you just have to import into your mailing the influencers you want to send affiliate links to (influencers for which you generated discount codes/affiliate links in the previous step)!

Voila 🎉 You can now run your mailing in order to send affiliate links to influencers in bulk!

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