This feature allows you to easily calculate the return on investment of a stream’s results by dividing your total campaign spend by the total estimated media value of your stream (which Upfluence aggregates). Thanks to this, you will be able to easily estimate the performance of your campaigns by comparing the amount invested to the value of the media generated.

Formula used : ROI = ((EMV-Total expenses)/Total expenses)*100

How does it work?

Open the stream of your choice and click on "Settings" in the right corner of your window.

Scroll down until you reach a new section called "Campaign Expenses". This is where you are able to enter their total amount invested in your campaign. You have the option to select the currency as well. When the Campaign Expenses value has been entered, click on "Save" to save your choice.

When a value is entered in Campaign Expenses, the system detects the value and automatically calculates the Return on Investment based on this input and Upfluence’s estimates.

You can access the Return on Investment of your campaign in your stream dashboard. You will see this new data point appear next to the Engagements and Estimated EMV data.

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