If you have created discount codes and now want to send these codes to influencers, you've come to the right article!

If you have not created codes and want to do so, please follow this article: How to create and assign discount codes to influencers in the IRM

1️⃣ Setup Mailings

First of all, go to the Mailing app and create a new mailing.

Next, enter a name for your new mailing, choose the email address you want to use to send it (make sure to connect your Gmail/Outlook email to Upfluence to send messages directly from your business email), and finally choose the "Provider Source" that corresponds to the discount codes you want to send.

For example: I have created a new discount offer in the IRM called "Fall - Product Launch". If I want to send the discount codes for this campaign to influencers, I just need to select "Fall - Product Launch" and the system will automatically search for the codes related to this discount offer.

When this is done, all you have to do is write your email and add the merge field {{promo_code}} where you want the code to appear in the content of your email.

🔍 Tip: You can also easily add the {{promo_code}} merge field by clicking here:

When the email is configured how you would like, click "Save Template" at the bottom of the page.

2️⃣ Import influencers

Now all you have to do is import the discount offer you selected earlier. To continue with the previous example, we will import the influencers present in the discount offer "Fall - Product Launch".

This will automatically add the influencers linked to this discount offer to your mailing list.

3️⃣ Run your mailing

Last step, and the simplest! All you have to do to share these discount codes is just run your mailing. Influencers will receive an email with their individual discount code.

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