Workflow is our campaign management app that allows you to effectively manage the collaboration process with the influencers you work with. Collaborations between brands and influencers will vary, and the type of compensation will also vary depending on the goal of your campaigns or simply on the influencers you are collaborating with.

For that reason, we have updated our Workflow tool to give you even more capabilities regarding campaign compensation and now allow you to offer products to the influencers you are collaborating with.

How does it work?

1️⃣ Campaign creation

Create a new Workflow campaign. In the first step, you need to select the type of compensation you want to offer in your campaign. There are three types:

  • Payment only

  • Payment & Product

  • Product only

If you would like to include products to send to influencers, please select "Payment & Product" or "Product". Complete the remaining fields and proceed to the next step "Compensation".

2️⃣ Adding Products

On this page simply, click on the "Add Products" button and a configuration window will open to allow you to offer the products of your choice in this campaign.

You now need to add the details of your product. To do this, add a product name, a price (the influencer does not see the price), and details, if necessary (Size, color, material, etc.). The configuration system allows you to add any type of product you would like (products, vouchers, apparel, dematerialized content, etc.).

When you are finished, click on "Save Product".

Now your product has been successfully added! You can see an overview of your added products in the summary table. You can add any number of products that you would like to offer as compensation. You are able to add or delete products at any time provided they have not already been selected by an influencer in your campaign.

Don't forget to click on "Save" to save your product to the campaign.

3️⃣ Product Selection Quantity

Products Allowed enables you to choose the number of products each influencer will be able to select as compensation. This will allow you to limit the selection while still offering a wide choice of products.

4️⃣ Invite an influencer to your campaign and see his or her product selection and shipping information.

Once everything is ready, your products have been added, and your briefings are created, you can now invite influencers to join your campaign.

Clicking the Invite button will send an email to the influencer containing the link to the campaign invitation page. Here they can access your briefings and select the products they would like.

Once your invitation has been accepted and their product selection has been made, you will be able to see all of this information (Product selection, shipping address, etc.) directly in your Workflow campaign dashboard. An in-platform notification and an email will also be sent to you to let you know that the influencer has applied.

This information will be accessible in the campaign dashboard. If you have any questions about the choice of product or the address provided, we advise you to contact the influencer by email directly.

Our tool allows you to easily manage every step of the campaign creation process with influencers. We have added a "Send Product" feature that allows you to validate the product you are sending to the influencer and send them an email automatically to notify them that their product selection is on the way. You can edit the template for this shipment notification email in your campaign settings if you wish. Enjoy!

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