Gmail integration is now officially available for all users with a G-Suite (Google Basic, Business & Enterprise G-Suite accounts) account. In order to activate the integration on your account, please follow the action steps in this article.

Note: Please contact your G-Suite domain administrator in order to have the authority to whitelist our application. Once the application is whitelisted, all users under the same domain name will be able to connect their email address to Upfluence.

If you are a domain administrator, you can follow the guidelines below:

1️⃣ First, go to the "App Access Control" management page of your G-Suite account. This is where you can start the whitelisting process.

On this page, click on the "Configure new app" button at the top left of the page, then select "OAuth App Name or Client ID".

2️⃣ You will be redirected to the whitelisting configuration page. Start by searching for the Upfluence App by copying and pasting the following ID in the search field:

When it is done, click on the "Search" button.

3️⃣ The system should show "Upfluence Software" as a result. Click on "Select" at the end of the line to go to the next step.

4️⃣ Check the OAuth Client ID checkboxes. This is the ID of our application. Click on "Select" at the bottom to validate your choice.

5️⃣ Last step! Select "Trusted" to allow access to the Upfluence Software App. When it is done, click on the "Configure" button.

It's all done 👏🏻 You should now see Upfluence Software appear in the list of authorized apps. You will also be able to change access in the future:

You can now connect all Gmail accounts based under the same G-suite domain name to Upfluence.

Frequently Asked Question 🤔

➡️ Which Gmail scopes are used?

We comply with Google API Services User Data Policy. We request access to the two following scopes:
- Compose:
- Read-only:

We have kept the scope as narrow as possible, to use only what is necessary for the usage of our tool.

If you want more info, please read our Privacy Policy.

➡️ Is my email data safe?

Yes, of course! Data security is very important to us at Upfluence. The emails received in Upfluence only concern your conversations with the influencers you have contacted. In addition, we do not consult your conversations unless we have your affirmative agreement for specific messages.

➡️ My G-Suite domain administrator has whitelisted Upfluence, how do I connect my Gmail account?

You can follow the following tutorial to connect your Gmail account to Upfluence: How to connect my Gmail account to Upfluence?

➡️ I don't have a G-suite account, can I still connect my Gmail account to Upfluence?

Unfortunately not... You can still create a G-Suite account if you want, the price starts at USD 6 per user. You can find more information here.

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