If you’re wondering how to install our Upfluence Live Capture App with your Prestashop e-commerce platform, then you’re on the right page.

If you are not a Prestashop user, you can find out how to install Upfluence Live Capture App on other e-commerce platforms :

Step 1. Configure your widget in the Upfluence Live Capture App

Create a new campaign in our Live Capture App and follow all the steps. The final step will provide you with the installation code. Copy this code.

Step 2. Install Upfluence Live Capture script in the Prestashop theme files.

This step takes place in the source files of the theme of your CMS. You can contact the technical/support team of your e-commerce store to help you with this step.

1️⃣ Identify the header.tpl file of the theme your are using

2️⃣ Paste the Upfluence Live Capture script code within smarty {literal} tags inside your header.tpl file.

Please follow the example below :

<script src="https://capture.upfluence.co/e2b54e0e385321dfff7bf5810399a7bc.js"></script>

3️⃣ When it's done, save your theme file.

You can now see your Live Capture pop-in on your Prestashop website. 🎉

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