With the Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool, you can manage and organize your influencers and campaigns to the best of your needs. This tool allows you to show, omit, and filter different influencer information on the dashboard, along with many other actions:

What is Table View, and how does it work?

Saving a table view helps you save selected fields with specific information according to different needs.

For example, when managing your influencer database, you can prioritize their social media information and stats. However, when managing campaigns, you might be more interested in email, payment, and other campaign information.

You can access this function by clicking the "Table Views" button next to "Manage Fields":

When you click on this button, a menu will offer you three default views that you can add to your views, simply by clicking on them:

  • Social Media Overview: an overview of all the social media of influencers you have in your IRM

  • Relationship: an overview of all columns that refer to relationships with influencers (lists, mailings, campaigns, owners, latest notes added, last contacted, etc)

  • Live Capture: a live capture view with all columns that can help users to know more about influencers they captured with their live capture campaigns

How do I add a new custom view?

To add a new view, you just need to add the columns, filters, ordering you want in your IRM, and click on the "save view" button on the menu. Then, add a name to your view and confirm your choice.

When you add a new view, we record the following information:

  • The columns

  • The order of the columns

  • Applied filters

  • The ordering applied (A->Z/Z->A)

How to Update, Share and Delete a view

Within all the saved table views, you can execute three actions:

  • Update the view: updates the view with the changes you have done (column order, columns, filters, ordering)

  • Share the view: allows you to share the view with your team or a member of your team

  • Delete the view: allows you to delete the view from your view list

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