Here are some common mistakes that can prevent your stream from working properly. Note: Not all are applicable, depending on your goals and needs.

  1. If you set up a stream to track a specific list of influencer, avoid using the location filter unless necessary. This is because if an influencer doesn't tag the location (or if the software can't immediately detect the location), their post won't show up.

2. Old streams are not updated automatically. In the beginning of 2020, Upfluence updated our stream Settings with more filter options. If your stream was created prior to this time, nothing was changed to the results and posts being collected. However, in the Settings section, "Field type" will be assigned with "Legacy". In order to be more precise with your social listening stream, you can change Field types to appropriate values, such as "Picture tag", "Content", etc.

3. Start and End date not set up properly. If there is no value in both the Start and End date fields, the stream will automatically collect posts within the past 6 months. As the stream keeps collecting post through time, the end date will automatically move to today's date, and the start date will be 6 months prior to today's date.

If you set up start and end date values, this timeline will remain unchanged.

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