Upfluence allows you to connect your Shopify Store with the Upfluence Software, in order to identify influential customers and enrich their social media data.

Note: You can connect an unlimited number of desired Shopify accounts with Upfluence. All you need to do is repeating the above process.

Connect your Shopify Account

From your Upfluence Account, click on Account Settings > Integrations

Scroll down and find the section dedicated to E-commerce Accounts. Here, you can find the "Connect" button on the Shopify panel.

A connection window will appear and ask you for the link of the shop you want to connect to Upfluence. For example, if your shop is: "www.mysuperstore.com" you just have to input "mysuperstore" in the provided field.

When it's done, the window will send you to the second next.
Note: Please keep the Upfluence software open, as you will need it in the final step.

Generate Credentials

For this second step, you will need to generate access keys to your Shopify shop, which will allow you to link your shop to your Upfluence account. You will need to provide these login credentials:

  • API Key

  • Password

  • Shared Secret

How do I generate these access keys?

How to generate my Shopify credentials

To generate the access keys, you will need to connect to your selected Shopify store via the regular Shopify login system. After logging in, the first step is creating a new Shopify private app.

1. Create a new Shopify private app

To create a private app, click on "Apps" in the navigation menu on the left side of your page. When you are in the apps menu, click on "Manage private app" at the bottom of the window. If you already have several apps installed on your shop, it will be necessary to scroll down the page to access this link.

When this is done, you will be redirected to the app creation window. You just have to click on "Create new private app" to create the app. Then, you can go to the next step.

2. App Details

The app creation process is quick and consists of two steps. The first step is to give the details of the app. This information allows you to identify the app on your shop:

When this is done, you can go to the next "Admin API" section.

3. Admin API - Active permissions for this app

The second part of the app setup is to determine permissions to access the data in your store. You can change these permissions at any time, and we don't store your data outside of your account. All these data are personal and will stay that way.

To access all permissions, please click on "Show Inactive Admin API permissions".

What permissions should I change?
For everything to work properly, it is necessary to edit the following permissions:

  • Products: Read access
    In order to get product value & track discount codes performances value

  • Customers: Read access
    In order to identify influential customers, get their order history, number of purchases, and value of purchases.

  • Discounts: Read and write
    In order to generate, assign & send discount codes through Upfluence

  • Orders: Read access
    In order to track discount code usage

  • Script tags: Read and write
    In order to automate Live Capture installation on your store

  • Price rules: Read and write
    In order to View or manage conditional discounts

Once the permissions are edited, you should have something like the image below.

4. Save

If the two previous steps have been completed successfully, you can now proceed to the next step by saving the app you have just created by clicking on "Save" at the bottom of the page.

You will be redirected to the page confirming the creation of your app. We can now proceed to the last step.

Add credentials on Shopify Integration Setup

Your app is now created and you have access to the required credentials to finalize the configuration in the Upfluence Software. To do so, you can copy and paste the credentials of your app in the Upfluence Software.

When this is done, you just have to confirm your credentials by clicking on "connect".

After everything is finalized, your Shopify store is now connected to your Upfluence account.


➡️ I get an error message when I want to connect my Shopify store, what should I do?

The error message may appear for two reasons:

  • The credentials are not matching. Make sure you copy and paste the correct credentials from Shopify.

  • You did not set the correct permissions when creating the Shopify app. Please refer to the guide in "What permissions should I change?" in order to correctly set up permissions.

If these problems are not solved, please contact your account manager.

➡️ How secure is my data?

All your data are encrypted in our system and you are the only one that can access it from your account. We do not store any data related to your Shopify store account. If you wish to remove the access to your data, you just have to disconnect the Shopify integration on our integrations page.

➡️ Who can I contact if I have questions about the data you store?

If you have any question, please contact your account manager or email us at success@upfluence.com

➡️ How can I delete my Shopify data?

If you want to remove the access to your data, you just have to disconnect the Shopify integration on our integrations page.

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