I'm excited to show you how to whitelist your website pages with the Upfluence Live Capture app. But first of all, what is whitelisting?

Whitelisting allows you to display our Live Capture widget only on specific pages of your site, and target more precisely where you want the widget to appear.

How does it work? 

After creating or editing your acquisition campaign in our Live Capture app, you can go to the "Display" part of your campaign settings. There, you will find a setting called "Whitelist URL".

To allow specific pages, simply copy and paste the page URL into the provided field.

For example: "I want to display my widget only on the checkout page of my website" I simply need to paste the following link from my website (e.g. https://mywebsite.com/checkout and confirm my link by clicking on "Add".

The system can support an unlimited number of links, so you can authorize however many number of pages you want.

You don't want your widget to be displayed on a specific page anymore?  Just remove the link from the list using the "x" icon next to it.

You want to use regular expressions? 

Our system allows regular expressions if you are familiar with it. Here are some examples if you want to understand the process:

  • Only your homepage: https://mywebsite.com/$

  • All collections pages : /.*/collection

  • All the product pages : /.*/products

  • Only home & products pages : /(products|home)

  • Only accessories page : /collections/accessories

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