Google Tag Manager allows you to easily deploy code and tracking pixels to your site without the need to edit the code or asking your developer to do it.

Setup GTM on your website

This section is for those who don’t have a GTM account. Skip this section if you already have one.
You don't know how to install GTM on your website ? You can find more infos here :

Create a new tag in the Google Tag Manager dashboard

  1. Visit the GTM website and use your Google login credentials (Gmail ID and Password) to get in. Then, click on your account name and you will be redirected to your GTM dashboard.

2. Within your Google Tag Manager dashboard, click on the “Add a New Tag” button

Configure your Tag

  1. Add a title to your tag, and then click on the edit icon at the top right of “Tag Configuration” box, to choose a tag type.

2. There are dozens of tag types (they are not all displayed here, and you can also customize a tag type). To add our script, you need to select "Custom HTML".

3. Next, find the HTML section and paste the Upfluence Script code inside the dedicated field as shown in the image below. You should receive this code at the end of the Pop-In creation process in our Live Capture App. Please make sure that your code ends with ?gtm=1">.

4. Now, you need to add a trigger. Juste en dessous de la partie tag se trouve la gestion des triggers. Add a new trigger by pressing the "edit" icon in the top right corner of the section.

You are now on the trigger configuration window. Press "+" in the top right corner to add a new trigger. You will be redirected to the window below. Then press the edit icon in the top right corner of the "Trigger Configuration" window.

Choose "Page View" as Trigger Type. You will be redirected to the trigger parameters.

Make sure you have "Page View" as Trigger Type and "All page views" for This trigger fires on.

You can save your trigger with the "save" button in the top right corner of the window. You will be redirected to the configuration part of your tag. Please check that you have the same configuration as in the image below.

Now, save the page. If a message appears, you can select "Save Tag" directly.

Last step, go back on your GTM Dashboard and click on "Submit" on the top right corner. The Upfluence Live Capture App is installed in your new tag! 🎉

If you have installed GTM on your website as indicated here, you should have your pop-in appearing on your website.

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