The Live Capture Widget is linked to our Live Capture App. Through this app, Upfluence helps you identify your influential customers during their visit or checkout, and turns them into ambassadors.

How can you correctly configure your Live Capture widget?

Step 1. Create a new campaign

First, go to our Live Capture App and create a new campaign.
Note :  If this is the first time you are on the Live Capture App, you won't see the dashboard below yet. It only appears after your first campaign has been configured.

Then fill in the fields with these required information:

  • Promotion Type : The type of reward you want to give to your customers. You can choose between 2 reward options "$ Off" and "% Off". You can also choose not to give a promotional code at the end of the process by selecting "Without Reward".

  • Promotion Code : The promotional code you're going to give to your clients at the end of the process. You have to configure it beforehand on your e-commerce platform. If you don't know how to create a discount code, we invite you to read the dedicated discount code creation documentation

  • Social Media : The social media you want to target with your campaign. (Tip: We advise you to select "Instagram" in order to convert as many people as possible.)

  • Website : The website where you'll be launching the campaign.

Once you have selected the information, you can choose your widget type:
If you have specific needs that we do not propose, click on "custom" and you will be directly in touch with an account manager in a live chat.

Step 2. Customization

Our system allows you to customize your widget to match your brand identity. 


The first step let you choose a template for your widget.
For the pop-in, for example, you can choose between 3 choices : image on the top, image on the right and image on the left.


The next step allows you to modify the general information and design of your widget. You can change four things: image, texts, colors and links.
When you change these values, you can directly see the changes through our live view to see the impact of the changes on the pop-in.

Note : We recommend you to take your time to properly customize your widget to reflect your brand identity.

When you are done with your design, you can click on the button to go to the next step.

The pop-in is a widget with 2 steps ("Form Customization" and "Success message"), so the next step is to customize the second part of the pop-in. This works exactly like the previous step. When you are done with your design, you can click on the button to go to the next step.

Display rules

This step of creation is dedicated to the display rules of your Live Capture Widget. You can set up several things:

  • Delay time : time required before the widget appears on your website

  • Single Use : if you want to show the pop-in only once per user

  • Screens : if you want the widget to display on desktop, mobile or both

Congratulations, your widget has been configured 🎉

Once these settings have been made, you can save and proceed to the next step, installation.

Step 3. Installation

The installation is the final stage. It is done depending on the e-commerce platform you are using. We advise you to refer to the installation tutorial corresponding to your platform:

If you have Google Tag Manager installed on your website, find out how to install our acquisition component using GTM.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated account manager.

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