If you are not a Shopify user, you can find out how to install Upfluence Live Capture App on other e-commerce platforms :

Step 1. Configure your widget in the Upfluence Live Capture App

Create a new campaign on our Live Capture App and follow the different steps until the final step that provides you with the installation code. Copy this code.

Step 2. Adding the container code snippets to the Shopify store

Use your Shopify admin account credentials and login to the store. The piece of code are to be positioned in your theme code. Here is what you should do:

Go to the Shopify admin page and follow this path: Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code.

Next, click on the theme.liquid file from the and paste the code you previously copied just before the </head> tag as shown in the image below. 

 Now, save the file. The Upfluence Live Capture App is installed to your store. 🎉

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