Upfluence's Influencer Relaitonship Management (IRM) tool is an important feature to help you manage all the influencers you have selected. The IRM includes:

  • Cross-campaign dashboard view of all the influencers you have worked, are working with, or will work with.

  • Filter your influencers by campaign, list, emailing, location, and thousands more . 

  • Bulk actions: select influencers to add them to an existing campaign or build a list for a new campaign, send them an email or add them to your analytics dashboard.

Click on "Manage Fields" and select any information fields to display all influencers' information:

Add or edit influencers' information line-by-line by clicking on the information box:

Click and hold the toggle icon, in order to drag columns around:

Click on the filter icon, in order to sort, filter, or delete field:
Tip: You can filter to sort out specific lists, mailings, or streams. If all lists are selected, you can see which lists, mailings, or streams an influencer is in.

Search for any specific influencer by their name:

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the IRM!

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