Choosing the right influencer is the important first step towards a successful campaign. You want someone who can relate to your brand, capture your essence, and successfully deliver your voice to their audience, right? Here are a few things to consider:

  • What industry is your influencer in? A few popular ones: Lifestyle, beauty, mommy bloggers, tech, health, fitness, gaming - or will you be looking for niche influencers?

  • What platform are you looking for? Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

  • How large should their following be? This is directly related to your influencer campaign budget.

  • Good engagement rate: On average, 1% - 3% is a good start. Smaller influencers can also have a higher engagement rate as well.

  • Location, location, location: Do you ship the product worldwide? Only in the U.S.? You’re looking for an influencer in a specific country? It’s important to define the location

  • Audience demographics: Who is your desired target? Make sure the influencers’ demographics satisfy this. (For example at least 50% of followers are women.)

  • Other: Gender, age brackets, having a blog or not, etc.

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