The best email to influencers is the email you would read yourself:

  • Short and straightforward: Does not contain unnecessary information, does not look like a wall of text
  • Be clear of what you are looking for: Don’t shy from words like “collaboration”, “paid campaigns”, “influencer partnerships”, etc.
  • Great introduction: Who are you? What is your brand? Why does your product concern the influencer and their audience? What is your website? Instagram?
  • Be relatable: Why did you choose this influencer to work with you? How can you relate to them or how can they relate to your brand?
  • Be open to communicating: Right off the bat, don’t restrict an influencer to a strict guideline yet. Ask what they might have in mind.
  • Make it visual! Include and photos, briefs, creatives, etc. of your brand so the influencers can quickly take a look.

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