Outreach emails are an extremely important part of any influencer campaign. The content of the email will set a first impression about your brand, and will greatly impact whether or not an influencer will respond.

As a general rule, the best email to influencers is the email you would prefer to read yourself:

  • Make it short and straightforward: Don't include any unnecessary information, and ensure that the email does not look like a wall of text.

  • Be clear of what you are looking for: Don’t shy from words or phrases like “collaboration”, “paid campaigns”, “influencer partnerships”, etc.

  • Give a great introduction: Who are you? What is your brand? Why does your product concern the influencer and their audience? What is your website? Instagram?

  • Be relatable: Why did you choose this influencer to work with you? How can you relate to them or how can they relate to your brand?

  • Be open to communicating: Right off the bat, don’t restrict an influencer to a strict guideline yet. Ask what they might have in mind, and leave the content open for collaboration.

  • Make it visual! Include any photos, briefs, creatives, etc. of your brand so the influencers can quickly take a look.

Within the Upfluence platform, there are templates available that you can use as a framework. You can access them within the Mailing tool, by clicking "Edit Template" and viewing the already available templates. Additionally, access the "How to Master Influencer Outeach" article below for an additional free template!

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