In order for your client to be able to see your influencers, they must be under the Shortlisted stage or have an Influencer Applied status in your Workflow Campaign. 

How to give your clients access to view your influencers:

  1. Go to Settings in your Workflow Campaign 
  2. Click on the Update Client tab 
  3. Create a company name. This will be your client’s company. (You can also give your client access to more than one campaign by simply going into each of your Workflow campaigns and repeating steps 1-3. However, instead of creating a new company this time, just select an existing company from the drop down list).
  4. Copy the Invitation URL link. You will need to send this invitation link to your client. This link allows them to create an Upfluence account for free to view your influencers. 
  5. *MAKE SURE TO HIT SAVE* If you exit the page without hitting save, your client won’t be assigned to this campaign and they won’t be able to view anything. 

After sending the invitation link to your client, they will be able to use it to create an account. The page they see will look like this. 

If your client accidentally logs out, the only way they can log back is through the Client Portal URL link. They need this link to log back in since they can’t use the same login page as you. Make sure to share this with them. This is the link from your client portal tab- not the Workflow tab. 

Invitation URL link: The first link you shared with your client which allowed them to create an account to view all of your shared campaigns. 

Client Portal Login URL Link: The link from your client portal tab which will allow your client to log back in to view the campaigns after they had logged out (see below)

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