You can easily share your list of influencers with your client in a few steps, through the Upfluence Client Approval Portal. Your client will be also able to see the Campaign Brief, and Review Drafts that influencers have submitted:

👉 Notes: In order for your client to be able to see these influencers, the influencer must be under the Shortlisted stage, or have Influencer Applied under the Status column in your Workflow Campaign. This means that you and the influencer have agreed to a certain compensation, and that they have been shortlisted, awaiting official client approval.

How to give your clients access to view your influencers:

  1. Go to the Settings section in the Workflow Campaign pertaining to the client that you want to give access to at that time

  2. Click on the Set/Update Client tab 

  3. Enter a Company Name. This should be the name of the specific client you want to give access to.

  4. Copy the Invitation URL. You will need to send this invitation link to your client. This link allows them to create an Upfluence account, for free, to be able to view your influencers, campaign brief, and influencer drafts. 

  5. Click Save. If you exit the page without hitting save, your client won’t be officially be assigned to this campaign, and you will have to restart.

👉 Notes: You can give your client access to more than one campaign by simply going into each of your Workflow campaigns and repeating steps 1-3. However, instead of entering a new company name this time, just select an existing company from the drop-down list.

[video-to-gif output image]

After sending the invitation link to your client:

As mentioned, the client will be able to use this link to create their account. The page they see will look like this. 

Once they complete this step, they will be able to view the campaign(s) that you have given them access to.

How clients can log back in in the future:

After your client has created their account, the only way they can log in in the future is through the Client Approval Portal Login URL. You can get this link simply by clicking on your client portal tab. They will need this specific link to log back in, they can’t use the same login page as you. Make sure to let them know, and to send this link to everyone who will need access.

Where can I find the Client Portal Login URL Link:

  • In your workflow campaign, go to Settings and then Useful Links:

  • In the client approval portal page for that specific campaign, copy/paste the URL

From here, the client should be all set to review their campaign whenever they'd like, and to openly collaborate with you through the platform!

As always, feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any other questions. :)

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