The links in the Workflow email templates will only work within the Workflow campaign. These merge links are uniquely generated for each influencer in your campaign and are sent with its’ corresponding email. By clicking on these links in their email, they will be taken to an external web page which will allow them to do the following:

Inviting Email- {{invitation_link}}: Allows the influencer to negotiate payment amounts and view the campaign brief. (Learn more here)

Drafting Email- {{composition_link}}: Allows the influencer to upload a draft of their content and review the campaign brief once more. (Learn more here)

Publishing Email- {{publication_link}}: Allows the influencer to review your publication instructions as well as see which draft was approved for publication. (Learn more here)

Payment Email- {{invoice_link}}: Allows the influencer to upload their invoices, tax documents, and payment information. They will also be able to choose how they would like to be paid. (Learn more here)

You can edit any of these email templates by going into your Workflow campaign settings then going into the "Email Templates" tab:

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