There are two different ways to monitor your publications: 

1. Using the Stream function 

The Stream allows you to monitor all publications according to specific keywords and/or specific influencers. 

You can set up a Stream in 4 steps: 

  1. Create your stream

  2. Define your different keywords 

  3. Add a list of influencers to monitor (optional)

  4. Click on "Rec" to start analyzing the publications (it can take few hours to gather all the data)

To find out more information regarding the stream, click here.

2. Using the Workflow function

 On Workflow, you can create a specific campaign with tracking links and tracking scripts for each influencer.

This will allow you to monitor the number of time an article is read (for blogs and website) and the number of clicks on a specific link (for all social media) to have results regarding the performance of your influencer marketing campaign. 

You have different ways to create tracking links: 

  • For all influencers at once use the link icon.

  • For each influencer individually, click on their profile then add links. 

You will be able to see the data on these tracking links by going into the "Performance" tab in your Workflow Campaign. 

To find out more information regarding tracking links and workflow, click here.

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