To add influencers, you have two options: 

1. Upfluence Chrome Plugin

You can add an influencer in two clicks by using the Upfluence Chrome Plugin. You will just need to go on the influencer’s social media page (blog, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter) and click on Upfluence’s extension.

Click on "Move to" to add the Influencer to a new/existing list.

[video-to-gif output image]

Find more information about our Plugin here

2. From a CSV document 

You can also add several influencers to an existing list via CSV by going into your drop-down lists and selecting the upward arrow button or to a brand new list by clicking on "Upload file".

In the .csv file, you need to give the influencer's name, link to social media, and email. To make sure you have the correct format you can download the example file here.

[video-to-gif output image]

👉 If the influencers on your list have more than one social media, you can download our influencers merging example file to make sure you give the right names to the column titles to import all your data successfully.

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