1. Download the example file here or via the "Upload Influencers" button when you create a new list. 

The example file is a .csv document which shows you how to label the influencer's information in order for the software to pull their information in correctly. 

2. Add new columns to create new merge fields

You will be able to add new columns that will be automatically transformed as merging fields to personalize your emailing even more.
ie. first_name / product / price

3. Fill in the columns with different URLs and information you want to use

You need at least one influencer's social media URL and their name. You can also add a specific email address so that they can be contacted through the software or personalize the influencer's account with additional merge fields (first name, product, price etc.)

4. Download your spreadsheet as a csv file and then upload it to the database

Depending on the amount of influencers you have in your sheet, it may take a couple of minutes for all of the influencers to appear in your list. 

You can also upload a file directly from an existing list, you just have to click on "upload influencers" :

You now have access to all this new information and merge fields directly inside the influencer's profile. 

5. The final step is to move your list of influencers into an emailing campaign and use your new merging fields to contact the influencers with a more personalized email. 

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