The Upfluence software allows you to set and negotiate payment offers, track payment requests, and manage all financial documents from your influencers.

  1. Set your price offer and currency

You can define a specific price and currency for each influencer.

  • To add a price for a specific influencer, simply click on their profile to add the price. 
  • To add a price for multiple influencers, select the influencers using the box on the left side of their icon and then select the $ button to set the price for the selected ones. 

2. Include the {{application_link}} field in your Invitation Email. 

This field is unique to Workflow. When an influencer receives this email, the {{application_link}} field will automatically convert into a unique link where the influencer can negotiate payment offers and apply to be a part of your campaign. 

3. What the Influencer does on their end

This is what the link will look like on the Influencer’s end. They can either accept the offer price for what it is or refuse the offer price. If they refuse, they have the opportunity to counter back with their offer. The details of your campaign brief will also appear in this link. 

4. Sending the influencer the Payment email.

Once you confirm that the influencer has posted, you can proceed with the payment email. Similar to the invitation email, the payment email has this unique merge field: {{invoice_link}} which influencers can click on and upload their payment information.

5. Influencers can then upload their payment information.

This is what the influencers sees on their end. After choosing their country of residence, they have to agree that all of the information is correct and then they can advance to the billing information stage where they can upload their payment details. After this, they would be able to select if they want to be paid through either Paypal or Wire Transfer. 

6. You can then manage all of your influencer’s payment requests in the Payment Portal.

Here, you can keep track of which influencer has been paid as well as view all of their financial documents they have uploaded. This is a great tool to manage all of your influencers requests in one area. 

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